About Us

Jared ReutterJared Reutter was born and raised in a small town in Virginia.  After high school, he joined the Marines and served five years with a tour in Afghanistan and Kenya.  When he was young, Jared always knew that he wanted to fly so once he left the military he pursued his commercial pilot’s license.  Jared relocated to Alaska bound and determined to find his first flying job.  He started flying for a company that led Jared into western “bush” areas of Alaska.  Jared has had the chance to travel hundreds of villages and all parts of Alaska. He still currently flies for Ravn Air where he works 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.  This schedule allows him to focus on real estate endeavors.

Jared flying


Stephanie Foster is from south Florida where she grew up with a family that was very much focused on fishing, boating, and outdoors.  After high school, Stephanie moved off to Colorado where she spent 4 years working full time while completing her undergraduate degree online through University of Central Florida.  Each summer that passed, she had applied for summer gigs to get a taste of Alaska adventure however nothing stuck until 2014.  Once she arrived in Seward, she quickly grew to love Alaska and call it home.  Stephanie worked in social work and eventually moved to Juneau to work for the state.  During her travels for work, she met Jared out in a village in Bethel, AK October 2015.  They did long distance for a while until she relocated to Anchorage, AK which is a more central hub for Jared to travel.  Stephanie currently works full time for Southcentral Foundation while pursing her Masters in Social Work online.