Reutter Realty is an investing and real estate consulting company that focuses on real estate solutions.  Starting in Richmond, VA, Reutter Realty was founded on purchasing a single family home in the heart of downtown.  This property was an ideal start to bringing in passive income and eventually led to expanding into the real estate markets in Anchorage, Alaska.

Today, Reutter Realty has acquired properties from single family homes, residential multi-families, and commercial properties.  Reutter Realty is consistently expanding their markets and investment opportunities.

In 2017 this year alone, Reutter Realty acquired another nine rental units and a single family home. Please feel free to contact us to learn more of investment opportunities as we enjoy partnering and connecting with others to ultimately better our community.

Investment Opportunities

Reutter Realty is currently seeking capital to secure distressed single-family homes to renovate and sell within 60 days of purchase in the Anchorage area.

Currently seeking:

  • 3+ Bedrooms
  • 1.5+ Bath
  • Property Acquisition & Renovation $280,000-$320,000
  • After repair value $350,000-$400,000

Interested in investing?  Looking for high returns on your cash? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Reutter Realty is also interested in discussing long term investments in commercial projects.